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Our focus

Having worked at the cutting-edge of game development for over two decades, Near Light was formed to leverage all that experience to develop compelling interactive experiences and games. We have made products for the world’s biggest companies, across all major games platforms, using cutting edge technology such as 3D cameras, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the latest mobile devices. Near Light offers a complete bespoke development service to fit your needs, from initial concept through to delivery and on-going support, expansion and analytics.
Development Services

All the skills required to deliver an amazing experience – we handpick and manage the team and technology to meet your requirements, keep you involved throughout and bring you solutions to your problems.


We know how to give experiences a ‘hook’, encouraging people to come back again and again, and offer unique incentives as a reward for that interaction.


Real-time analytics built on industry leading middleware teaches you more about your audience, providing new insight into your customers’ behavior and helps optimize the performance of your business.


Our involvement doesn’t stop with delivery of the final product – we work closely with you post release, updating experiences, analyzing data and ensuring you see the real benefits of what you’ve created.

Founding Team

Paul Mottram
Paul Mottram
Previously Studio Head at Zoë Mode, Executive Producer and Lead Programmer at Kuju Entertainment.
Ben Hebb
Ben Hebb
Previously Head of Art and Production at Zoë Mode, Art Director at Kuju Entertainment.

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